ZTE’s MF91T WiFi Hotspot Shines At Hong Kong GSMA/GTI Mobile Asia Congress

                                                        (2011-11-21  10:17)

ZTE has announced that it launches the w­­orld’s first TD-LTE/EDGE multimode WiFi hotspot, the ZTE MF91T, at the GSMA/GTI Mobile Asia Congress and Exhibition in Hong Kong.


ZTE’s MF91T is a uFi (unique WiFi, a kind of WiFi hotspot) product that gives WiFi-connected users high-speed mobile broadband access over TD-LTE and EDGE networks.


Specially customized for China Mobile’s frequency ranges, the MF91T covers LTE in the TDD 2.3-2.6 GHz range and EDGE in the 900 and 1800 MHz ranges. It supports 802.11 b/g/n WiFi for up to 10 WiFi terminals access.


The cell capacity is up to 2300 mAh, ensuring an operating time of up to six hours. The MF91T has a 1.4 inch OLED screen, and can display network signal intensity, cell capacity, network SSID and other information. The device can be managed via WebGUI interface technology, enabling rapid remote configuration using standard web browsers.


“The ZTE MF91T will give users a faster, simpler experience for both mobile and fixed devices, making it a must-have piece of data connection equipment for SOHO, family and personal users and an attractive substitute for data cards in the 4G age,” said Mr. Zhu Dongtang, President of Mobile Broadband Device Product Line ZTE.


ZTE has focused significant R&D resources on multi-network integration and multimode product development. Using Qualcomm’s advanced multimode chip platform, LTE terminal products give operators around the world the flexibility to provide customers with the right solution for their networks, including combinations of 2G, 3G or 4G communications systems and different frequency ranges. At the same time, problems arising from the high power requirements of LTE and multimode technology have been resolved so that users are provided with the best possible Internet experience.


Following the award of a commercial contract for the world’s first TDD/FDD terminal product by Hi3G, and the release of the world’s first TDD multimode dual-standby cell phone for Shenzhen Universiade, ZTE’s MF91T introduces another new LTE terminal product, further accelerating the global commercialization of the TD-LTE eco-system.


The annual GSMA/GTI Mobile Asia Congress and Exhibition kicked off officially at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center on November 15. The key focus of the event is undoubtedly on TD-LTE, the 4th-generation mobile communications technology. ZTE has a major stand, exhibiting terminal products that support TD-LTE including data cards, home gateways, WiFi hotspots and modules, as well network infrastructure equipment across all key communications standards.