ZTE F601 GPON ONU Receives BBF Certification

                                        (2011-12-06 9:24)

ZTE announced its GPON optical network unit (ONU) product F601 has been certified by the Broadband Forum (BBF).


In 2011, the BBF initiated a telecommunications industry first certification program based on its TR-156 protocol and the ITU-T G.988 protocol. This program was designed to verify GPON product compliance with ITU-T GPON standards and BBF specifications. ZTE received certification from the organization after the F601, which is based on a unified GPON ONT platform, underwent a series of BFF-hosted interoperability tests that also included several broadband vendors.


The BBF is a prestigious non-profit industry consortium dedicated to developing broadband network specifications.


"We congratulate ZTE on the F601.” said BBF CEO Robin Mersh. “We’d also like to thank ZTE for its efforts assisting with the global standardization of ONU products."


"ZTE invests over 10 per cent of its annual revenue in research and development,” said ZTE Vice President Xu Ming. “We strive to continue creating innovative products while following the requirements of international standards organizations.”


GPON product interoperability is critical for operators because it allows them to cost-effectively expand their high-speed broadband networks. Top global operators such as Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, British Telecom, Etisalat, and Verizon promote interoperability testing with a view to developing the GPON industry.


ZTE was one of the first telecoms vendors to develop and commercialize optical access network products, and has advanced industry understanding of PON technologies. In the fixed-line access field alone, ZTE has filed for 415 Chinese and 56 international patents.