The Mobile Network with real possibilities.

The Open Network is our new name for the combined Optus mobile network.

The Open Network today offers 3G dual band, 3G single band and 2G services.Your ability to access 3G and 2G services and the location where these services are available within the Open Network, depends on the capability of the device you’re using.We have enhanced our website product pages, to make it easier for you to check available coverage,  by including coverage maps with each handset and you can also check coverage options at your address, using the 'street coverage' checker.3G dual band coverage areas
The information below provides details of our 3G dual band coverage area, for customers with compatible 3G dual band devices. 3G dual band, part of the Open Network is our largest mobile network, with 450 sites launched in the past 13 months and now covers 96% of the Australian Population.Stay tuned for more news to come about the Open Network

Oputs modems hot model : E1762



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