Huawei Partners with Softbank to Lead MBB Market of Japan

                                                      (2011-10-10 10:20)


Softbank presented its annual fall press conference on 29th September in Tokyo. In this press conference, Softbank announced it’s next generation AXGP commercial network is leading ahead in Japan’s MBB market. This AXGP network with the world’s fastest speeds up to 110Mb/s is the same as industry famous LTE TDD network.


The first phase of network will be launched on 1st, November 2011, which covers Tokyo, Osaka and the surrounding regions. By deploying its next generation MBB network on the original 157 million sites, Softbank plans to realize the network coverage of 92 percent of population and geographical area in Japan by March, 2013. Softbank’s share price sharply rose owing to the launch of AXGP network in this annual fall press conference. It confirms that Softbank has remarkable achievement in accelerating the commercialization of MBB network in Japan. During this press conference, Masayoshi Son, CEO, Softbank also announced that Softbank would invest US$10 billion to build various network infrastructure including mobile network and fixed network.


Softbank’s Fall Press Conference, Live


Masayoshi Son, CEO, meeting medias


As the key strategic partner of Softbank, Huawei powered Softbank to consolidate its leading position in Japan’s mobile broadband market by deploying the world’s fastest MBB network. By now, Huawei has been awarded the contract of almost 20 thousands of sites and in charge of deploying network in the most strategic cities in Japan. By March, 2012, Softbank’s network adopting Huawei’s end-to-end LTE TDD solution will cover the areas of Tokyo metropolitan (Tokyo’s 23 wards, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama, Chiba), Osaka metropolitan (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto), Nagoya and the surrounding regions.