Huawei launches eSpace Cloud Contact Center in China

                               (2011-11-28 10:21)


Huawei has launched its eSpace Cloud Contact Center Solution in China. The system comes with features such as on-demand cloud contact, mobile and cloud management, communication cloud collaboration, and green and open cloud agent.


Based on the Cloud-Pipe-Terminal Layer frame, the eSpace Cloud Contact Center Solution's functions include a sharing schedule pool (CTI Pool) that is formed by several physically independent call centre platforms. Cloud platforms can be virtualised into several logical contact centres, enabling independent deployment, monitoring and management of services.


It also supports an on-demand use of cloud service, the sharing of resources, traffic load share balance and geographic disaster. The service can manage and offer services anytime, anywhere. Huawei eSpace Cloud Contact Center management platform makes use of the mobility of smart devices. It provides a graphical monitoring interface that can be accessed remotely through mobile devices, enabling remote maintenance and management of the system's operation and agents' service.


The service also provides open service gateway and internet gateway, enabling an open cloud platform for application developers and third-party applications. The service integrates cloud contact and unified communication, allowing construction of expert agents.