FAQs for HUAWEI E587


1.  My device connected to E587’s wireless network, but cannot open Web UI


1. Double to check your wireless network connection on windows start bar. Make sure your device is connected with your E587 not other Wi-Fi device.
2. Open Web Browser from your device (ex. Microsoft Internet Explorer). Go to open E587’s Web UI.

3. If Web Browser failed to bring you to Web UI, click “Tool” from Browser then select “Internet Options”.

Select “Connections” tab, then click “LAN settings”.

For the “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” pop-up, uncheck the top three check-boxes. Then click “OK” to apply changes.

Refresh the Web Browser to show E587 management console page.





2.  E587’s signal is weak and cannot register to 3G network.


1. Please check local network condition, check whether there is 3G network which provided by telecom operator at the moment. Ensure you are not in some close environment. (You may check the signal strengthen by the icon displayed on Web UI main page)

2. Please move E587 toward to window to get better signal
3. If the network condition is good but still cannot register, please try to reset E587 and try again
4. Sometimes E587 will be rejected by the operator for some reasons. Please reset E587 and check. If E587 still cannot camp on the network, please contact with your device provider.






3.  E587’s Wi-Fi signal is always weak


1. When E587 using it’s battery power, in order to save energy for longer run-time E587 will lower down its transmit power ,so Wi-Fi signal is weaker compare with powered by USB or power adapter. Connect E587 to power adapter or with USB cable to a running computer’s USB port will enhance E587’s Wi-Fi signal strength.
2. Keep E587 at least 3 to 6 feet away from other electrical devices which may create RF signal and cause interference (for example, microwave oven, TVs, cordless/cellular phones, baby monitors or wireless speakers). If you needn’t using any of those devices when you want to connect Internet, please turn it off.
3. Wi-Fi covered range of E587 is according to its power supply mode and its using environment. In Idea clear square area the Wi-Fi covered range of E587 showed below:
    Use power adapter: 100m (328ft)
    Use USB cable connect: 20m (66ft)
    Use battery supply: 10m (33ft)
In actual use Wi-Fi covered range maybe different from idea square area, it decided by the environment you use. The closer to E587, the stronger Wi-Fi signal you get. And every obstacle (walls, ceilings, furniture) between your device and E587 may decrease Wi-Fi signal strength. Move your device closer to E587 can avoid obstacles and improve Wi-Fi signal.
5. Change the Wi-Fi channel to fix one other than auto (you can try the available channel one by one and select the channel with best signal strength)






4.  Default encryption method of E587


E587 support following encryption method
1. Auto-WEP authentication mode: WEP
2. Open authentication mode: NONE/Open-WEP
3. Share-WEP authentication mode: WEP
4. WPA-PSK authentication mode: ASE/TKIP/AES+TKIP
5. WPA2-PSK authentication mode: ASE/TKIP/AES+TKIP
6. WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication mode: ASE/TKIP/AES+TKIP
The default encryption method of E587 is WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication mode: AES+TKIP

If you changed encryption method of E587 the Wi-Fi connection between PC and E587 will be disconnected, please enter the new Wi-Fi key(Wi-Fi key of the encryption you selected ) when you want to establish Wi-Fi connection.





5.  I forget my Wi-Fi key and Web login password I can’t login my E587?


If you forget your Web login password, you needn’t to worry. Try to restore your E587 as following step
1. Open the back cover of E587
2. Press and hold the RESET button until OLED screen is off then E587 will restart, after E587 has boot up all the password will be restored to default.
Notice: After restored E587 all the user settings will be restored to default settings.

If you only forget your WiFi Key, try to set the new WiFi key in the “WLAN Basic Setting” page, input new WIFI key directly in WPA Pre Shared Key bar or select show password option the view the password





6.  I feel my E587 getting hot after long hours usage. Is there safety concern?


Like most other electronic devices, E587 get hotter during charge or big data transfer. It is a quite normal phenomenon if working in regular office environment. Even if it work in hot environment, E587 will automatically power off if its temperature reach 75 ℃ for safety protection. (Please don’t use E587 in close environment; it will cause poor signal and high heat of your E587)





7.  How can I enter into forced downloading mode?


When your computer can't recognize E587, that means you can’t see new ports or new network card come out in Device Manager, in this case, you can use forced download to upgrade.
In the power off mode, press and hold and at least 5 seconds (hold first) then you can see “force update” shown on the OLED screen, now release press key again, then you find OLED has a icon like download.
After the icon has appeared run one key update again to update firmware





8.How can I get version information of my E587?


Click   --> , then you can see software & hardware version of your E587.