How to convert WiFi only Galaxy Tab to Galaxy Tab 3G

Hardware differences between WiFi Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 3G

Weaker GPU – One obvious difference that affects performance would be the weaker GPU, which basically means that video playback and gaming will be taking a huge hit. The lack of HDMI output also doesn’t help.

Fast CPU – In order to compensate for the WiFi Galaxy Tab’s weaker GPU Samsung has bumped to speed to 1.2 Ghz from 1.0 Ghz so the devices feel pretty fast and snappy when navigating it on the home screen.

Downgraded Bluetooth – Samsung also downgraded the Bluetooth; the 3G version supports Bluetooth 3.0 but the Wifi version only supports Bluetooth 2.1.

How to connect WiFi Galaxy Tab to 3G network

Apart from the obvious difference price and the hardware, the lack of 3G should be the biggest difference between Wifi version and 3G version.

But this is not the hardest problem for the moment as mobile WiFi hotspot becomes more and more popular. The mobile hotspot is actually a mini router which can convert 3G to WiFi signal and share with 5 people at least, and as it is very small, just the size of a cell phone, so you can take it wherever you go. Someone may say that many Smartphone already have the personal hotspot feature. That’s true, but there are two important disadvantage of the cell phone personal hotspot: Speed and users amount. Let’s take iPhone 4 for example, the fastest mobile hotspot by now is up to 21 Mbps download speed, but as far as I know, iPhone 4 can only supports 3 users with up to 2Mbps speed.

So, if you already had a cell phone personal hotspot, is it still worth it to get a mobile WiFi hotspot for Galaxy Tab? Depends on your needs I guess. If you’re getting it to just surf the web and check emails and do the occasional YouTube video then it definitely isn’t worth it but if you want to play online games, watch online HD quality movies or make video call, just get the high speed mobile hotspot. Paying extra $100-200 for it is definitely worth it. Not only Samsung Galaxy Tab, but for other Tablets the mobile hotspot would be a good partner.

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ZTE appears from carrier shadows with direct marketing strategy in UK

Even though that Nokia is still influenced by the bad result of its direct sales, ZTE is chasing this selling model hoping of boosting its brand awareness — and it’s going to proceed around England. Following the recently-inked deal, unlocked ZTE handsets will be traded to British buyers through Brightpoint’s online and retail marketing channel. While far from mainstream (despite 60 million pieces traded in 2010), the Chinese manufacturer is looking to get rid of its personal label and “become a household word same to superb quality smartphones and tablets.” Certainly, the business should compete with the familiar foundness for carrier-subsidized handsets, accused by the bigwigs in Espoo due to Nokia’s direct-to-consumer pains. Still, if the Shenzen-based business finds any luck, Londoners will shortly find out points of Amigos, ZTE Blades and ZTE Skates appearing on the Tube. Do you still eager for more details? Just click the links to look for the specifications.

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ZTE 21.6M USB Stick: ZTE MF668

People are using computer every day, no matter at home, at office or outside, laptops are becoming more popular than desktops due to its convenience, how could the computers get the access to internet? The first method came to your mind must be via ADSL, coz every family almost are using it, then there is one question for you to think about is : if there is no ADSL or when you are outside where you could not find ADSL, what will you do?


3G USB Stick is the solution which makes it easier & more convenient; ZTE MF668 is one of the most typical models. The HSPA+ stick gives you safe and secure Internet access on your laptop without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. Featuring download speeds up to 21.6 Mbps, you will be able to access your files, send and receive email and attachments, browse the Internet and more, all from your laptop.

Why people would like to choose ZTE MF668 USB Stick as their prior choice? There are some points need to share with all of you guys.

1st: beautiful design, retractable design makes ZTE MF668 save more room.
2nd: only 26g weight and 77 x 28 x 12 mm dimension make ZTE MF668 light & small enough to carry.
3rd: tri-band at UMTS Frequency makes you surf all over the world.
4th: 21.6M downlink speed makes it smooth to enjoy entertainment like watching films, listening music, playing games etc.
5th: Memory Storage Capability Via micro SD card could be up to 8GB which is enough to store big files.
6th: ZTE MF668 USB Stick supports most of the OS like: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

If you want to be connected with Internet anytime, anywhere, just come to get one ZTE MF668 USB Stick.

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MetroPCS formally presents Huawei M835 Android for $80 without contract

If you’ve been strongly against to buying a smartphone owing to their high cost, there are no excuses left from now on. MetroPCS formally released its newest Android equipement, Huawei mobilephone, huawei M835, for a promotional cost of $80 without an agreement (it’ll generally retail for $130). The M835 — furthermore renowned as the Ideos — is a petite handset that values a 2.8-inch QVGA monitor, equipped with Froyo and a 3.2 megapixel camera with video capture. In addition, it supplies the capacity of 32GB microSD business card, if needed. Clearly, we’re not anticipating the utmost performance here, but it’s a viable choice for first-time purchasers and any individual who doesn’t long for the newest and best mobilephone specs. Between this and the Ascend II approaching out this week, it seems that the prepaid competition is on the way.

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Best partner for Sony’s New VAIO Z Series Notebook

Have you ever heard the new VAIO Z series? It’s regarded as the world lightest 13-inch standard voltage PC, which features the ultra slim design with lighter and thinner feeling. As the latest notebook, it will definitely be welcomed by certain people, and do you want to make the laptop more convenient? 3G modem may play an important part in this aspect; ZTE MF180 3G modem impresses people firstly by its compact size, so that the movement will be particularly available, and the specific operations could be worked out very easily.

If you desire to surf on the net smoothly and practically with Sony’s new VAIO Z series, ZTE MF180 modem will be a nice choice, it’s a multi-mode USB modem that works under HSDPA/WCDMA/GPRS/GSM networks, the surface design contains the SIM/USIM card slot and USB connector, the latter is helpful to connect the notebook mentioned above.

The specific operations are as follows:

  1. Insert the SIM card; open the back cover of ZTE MF180 modem to access the slot.
  2. Connect the modem with Sony’s new VAIO Z notebook using USB cable.
  3. As soon as you connect the modem with laptop, it will automatically pop up the installation procedure, and you just need to install it, please be patient, it will take several minutes.
  4. After the installation, you’ll be ready to go as soon as the connect button is available. Then, go to the network zone, you will find that the network is available, and you could get on the internet now.

It will be very enjoyable to use the Sony’s new VAIO Z notebook with practical ZTE MF180 3G modem, you don’t need to set up the complex procedure, just in accordance with the operating process, enjoy the stable internet now.

If there should be any questions about the usage, you could click here to look at the detailed answers. The installation will create an icon on your laptop to be clearly seen. And please make sure the SIM card is correctly inserted, if you don’t need the internet, please remember to push disconnect button to end it.

ZTE MF180 could support most types of laptops, when you carry your laptops out, you can still access the internet on the move, so don’t worry about the business stuff and communication from now on!

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Huawei Ascend II on the market now, brings off-contract Gingerbread to Cricket for $180

We gotta say — we keep closely contact with the market. Between Virgin Mobile’s Intercept, Promote Mobile’s Prevail and Cricket’s Ascend II, it’s getting harder and harder to support a mid-range smartphone on a post-paid carrier. Huawei’s newest prepaid smartphone has just set down on Cricket, rather several months after we first affected it at CTIA. What’s untamed isn’t the predictable layout or middle-of-the-road 5 megapixel camera — it’s that $179.99 off-contract cost tag connected with a duplicate of Android 2.3. Gingerbread is verifying strong to find even on the big shot, so having a prepaid choice is all the more surprising. You’ll furthermore get a 3.5-inch HVGA touchpanel, WiFi, a microSD slot and a 600MHz processor. Granted, you’ll probablely know logs of lag when seeking to multitask, but with an all-embracing $55/month design (which contains unlimited conversation, text, 411 data, worldwide text, facts and numbers and video image messages), what’s to complaint?

Huawei Smartphones are supplied with high quality and affordable prices.

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New 3G Wi-Fi modem connects laptops, iPads to the net while travelling

ZTE MF60 3G Wi-Fi Modem is a faster portable Wi-Fi hotspot to enable travellers to access the net on laptops, smartphones and tablets via the Next G mobile network.

ZTE MF60 mobile hotspot has an inbuilt battery that lasts up to four hours, and allows 8 devices to share a Wi-Fi hotspot that accesses the internet connection via a Next G SIM card.

There are numerous devices like this around from the various telcos, including the well-known Mi-Fi device in the US and sold popularly in local by Internode, but the new ZTE MF60 mobile hotspot from the Next G network will lead the coverage and speed of the market.

This device can connect to the network up to a theoretical 21Mbit/s — it may equate to a real life speed of anywhere from 0.5Mbit/s – 8Mbit/s.

In Australian Business Traveller’s experience using Next G modems, the fastest speed generally seen is around us, mainly because of the modern needs.

The device (ZTE MF60) has a display that gives clear information like signal strength, number of devices connected and battery level, which is an improvement over many similar devices available that just have cryptic status lights.

The modem costs $221.00 at and has no contracts associated — you just use the included pre-paid SIM card, it will prevail over other competitors.

The prepaid version of the modem is locked to the network, which means it’s not possible to put another SIM card from a foreign carrier in it if you travel overseas. We’ve enquired with the costs of unlocking the modem, and we’ll update the story once we’ve got the answer.

If you have an iPhone 4, or a recent Google Android-based phone, you may already have a similar portable Wi-Fi hotspot function built into your phone.

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Huawei’s new cellphones show

Although only a simple contract signing ceremony, but as one of the most biggest cellphone producer in China, Huawei is to display his audience’s four new intelligent mobile phones, which are designed with the new Android 2.3 smartphone functioning system, and Huawei 8650 and 8800, plus Ophone OMS 2.5 smartphone functioning system 8300 and 7-inch large-screen flat-panel mobile Huawei S7 Slim, the following pictures are the magnificent genuine machine of huawei 8650 and 8300.

Huawei 8650

Huawei 8650

Huawei 8300

Huawei 8300

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The World’s Fastest 3G USB Modem ZTE MF680

With the development of USB Modem, there is no fastest only faster supporting from the network evolution. We have experienced the speed of 3.6Mbps, 7.2Mbps, and 21Mbps is all the rage now. But the markets are keen for upgraded new modems with faster, more fashionable or more unique. Then, 42Mbps speed USB modem emerges as time requires.

The world’s leading telecommunication equipment vendors, such as Huawei, ZTE, Sierra Wireless, all lauched their high speed modem up to 42Mbps. As we know, Sierra Wireless aircard 312U is on the market for long time, but Huawei E372 USB Stick is still on the way. Good news is that ZTE MF680, named Rose Queen is available now.

From the name Rose queen, the impression is that this modem is apt to female. Right, ZTE MF680 HSPA+ modem is designed in Pink, maybe it would be more popular in female users. The appearance looks like ZTE MF668 21Mbps USB Modem, but MF680 should be more succinct and cute, and would be more attractive. Following MF668’s retractable USB slider, it can be easily adjusted and plugged into any USB interface and also supports a MicroSD card with data storage of up to 32 GB.

The MF680 is a super high-performance modem that brings the speed of third generation (3G) data communications closer to the requirements of 4G networks (known as LTE), with download and upload speeds of up to 42Mbps and 5.76Mbps respectively. Using the MF680 is like driving a superb racing car, but the heat output is small. In networking tests of operators in dozens of countries, the MF680 has performed optimally with rates close to the theoretical limit.

The MF680 has been especially designed for HSPA+ networks, providing users with an extremely powerful mobile broadband experience. This stylish device allows customers to enjoy high-speed mobile broadband wherever the network is ready. Unlocked MF680 could be used anywhere all over the world. And it could support Windows, Linux, and Mac operation system. So there is no problem to support almost all the mainstream PC.

ZTE Modem is usually more popular than Huawei or other brand modem, not only because the price is more comparative, but also the quality is good and reliable. ZTE is the world’s second largest and fastest growing supplier of mobile broadband devices, with sales of nearly 30 million mobile broadband devices in 2010, and an annual growth rate of over 100 percent since 2007. ZTE is one of the few manufacturers globally which could provide devices with UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, EVDO Rev A/B, WiMAX and LTE technology etc. Adhering to make the consumer to cost less money to enjoy fantastic surfing experience, it’s expected ZTE New modem MF680 would be the new star in near future.

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Huawei E586 and E587 MiFi HSPA Pocket Wi-Fi

At the beginning of the MWC 2011, huawei has already displayed two bran-new Pocket Wi-fi to us,respectively the Huawei E586 and E587,which are thesuccessors of the earlier launch of Huawei E585 models. Along with the world’s leading telecommunications service provider launching the faster HSPA and DC-HSPA standard, we believe that these two kinds of portable wireless routers could bring us higher speed.

HUAWEI E586 WiFi Smart Pro:

  • HSPA + with 21Mbps (downlink) and 5.76Mbps (uplink)
  • HSPA + / HSPA/UMTS2100/1900/900/850MHz
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Operating time: Up to 4 hours

HUAWEI E587 WiFi Smart Pro:

  • DC-HSPA + 42Mbps (downlink) and 5.76Mbps (uplink)
  • HSPA + / HSPA/UMTS2100/1900/900/850MHz
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Operating time: Up to 4.5 hours

Huawei Wi-Fi pocket could accompany us anywhere with its convenience.

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