Huawei E587 – An Smart Pocket WiFi Router

If you still don’t know what is a Pocket WiFi router, you are definitely out of date. As the tablet pc, psp, ebook are become more and more popular, many Addicts are looking for ways to keep online with these WiFi enabled devices wherever they go. So, this is what Pocket WiFi can do.

A Smart Pocket WiFi, is a Pocket-sized mobile 3G router which can transfer 3G signal in to WiFi to be used by WiFi enabled devices like iPad, PSP, iPod and E-book. Just like some 3G smartphones have the ability to provide personal hotspot

The Huawei E587 is a typical Pocket WiFi Router with fast access speed up to 42Mbps downlink. It comes from one of the biggest communication devices manufacturer – Huawei, which has produced the famous Pocket WiFi routers – The E5 Series (and E587 is the newest model for E5 Series)

Unlocked E587 portable wifi router

The unlocked E587 pocket WiFi is an original Huawei E587 router which
doesn’t has any logos like Three E587, Telus E587 and exclude any restriction from carriers like Vodafone, Three, Telus. No plan, no contract, it’s completely SIM free.

Usage – Pocket WiFi Router in Car

In-Car Internet has become very popular lately, including car dealers sell Autonet Mobile system. These older systems are designed for mounting in the trunk or under the seat, not the best place to send or receive wifi signal in the car. Huawei E587 portable WiFi is less than half price, and offer much greater versatility. Whether it is car, truck, bus or train, it can help create your own Wi-Fi hotspot fast and easily.

smart pocket wifi router

Huawei E587 Pocket WiFi can support up to 5 wireless users with 42Mbps download speed. Business men or game players can get fast connections with this Pocket WiFi Router.
Huawei E587 smart pocket wifi router helps you connect to stable internet with simple operation. It’s WiFi for any users, no setup, just insert SIM card, power on and get connecting. It’s the ideal WiFi-tool for frequent travellers and mobile professionals. Pocket WiFi will connect to fast 3G network automatically and shows you exactly what it is doing in a cool animated LED screen. Just take you iPad and Unlocked E587 pocket wireless, you can keep online anywhere you like.

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