MWC 2012: Global Smallest 21Mbps Huawei E369 Data Card

Huawei displayed Huawei E369 data card at the Mobile World Congress 2012, and Huawei E369 data card refers to as the world’s slimmest data card. In addition to a slim and chic design, Huawei E369 has been designed for the maximum 5-band global roaming and can be picked in eight different colors.


As a global mobile broadband leading brand, Huawei has announced that the world’s smallest official business of the PA + data card-Huawei E369. Huawei E369 data card is tailor-made for some devices like Macbook Air or other ultra-thin notebooks with a compact, stylish and beautiful appearance, and the size of 65×24.5×8.5mm (about20g) makes Huawei E369 data card works with Mac book Air extraordinarily harmonious. Provided that you have Huawei E369 USB modem now, you can take it anywhere or anytime. For its 5-band global roaming ,you never worry about that you couldn’t find the suitable band to match with, it is really convenient when you want to read news , play game, watch movie or download something from with you notebook , desktop, etc.

In addition, this 21Mbps USB modem -Huawei E369 data card comes with metal-touch texture, the magnets USB cap, which is not design for avoiding lost, but also highlights Huawei E369 ’s elegance; and multiple colors give consumers more choices, so according to their moods, consumers have the freedom to choose different colors.

In addition to excellent appearances, Huawei E369 data card also has powerful features.21Mbps download speed and 5.76Mbps upload speed provides you a smoothly surfing experience; and 5-band coverage are completely support global roaming. Huawei E369 especially designed for business professionals who have to be on move frequently. Huawei E369 data card try their best in decreasing power consumption and adapt energy-saving solution, and save more than 30% consumption than those of the usual 21M data cards, so Huawei E369 can extend one hour more to a notebook computer.

Huawei terminal mobile broadband product vice president, Mr Liu said:” As a leader of mobile broadband terminals, Huawei has been committed to providing consumers with innovative, affordable products, and Huawei E369 data card is a new success  in the field of consumption electronics this year, and we aims at offering high-value, competitive products to customers”.

It is said that Huawei E369 data card may assembles Huawei cloud computing and will bring new and fashionable experience to consumers, luckly now you have the opportunity to get this wonderful data card on and experience this wonderful new product.

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