How to use ZTE MF820 LTE Modem to your Toshiba AT200

Most of people now have an usb modem, with 4g lte modem, users can surfing the internet on their PC, if you want to share the internet with your friends, you may consider to buying a router, however you can use ZTE MF820 LTE Modem to your tablet or Smartphone. For example, when you purchased a new Toshiba AT200 tablet, there are two methods for you to use ZTE MF820 LTE Modem to your new tablet to access the internet with it.

With a USB Dongle adapter

The USB Dongle adapter can connect your ZTE MF820 LTE Modem to your Toshiba AT200, then you can follow the below step:

1, Select the “Settings” option from main menu, then select the “Wireless & Networks” option from first row.

2, Make sure that WiFi is not connected if connected uncheck it, because WiFi and 3G and internet dongle cannot be operated simultaneously.

3, Connect your ZTE MF820 LTE Modem to tablet using the USB port or USB dongle adapter. Enable 3G option by selecting the “3G” option from same menu.

4, Wait for 1-2 min after which the signal strength will show up on the status bar on left side of the battery status indicator. If no signal bar appears on Toshiba AT200 even after 2-3 min then remove 4g lte modem and check if the SIM card is inserted properly, then reinsert it again, or try after sometime. Then select “Mobile Networks” from menu.

5, Select “Access Point Names” from menu. Make sure that “Data enabled” option is switched on. If not, switch it on by selecting the same. If you are using roaming SIM then you also need to select and switch on the “Data roaming” option.

6, Press “Menu” button, select “New APN” option and insert your network provider given details same like GPRS setting. After entering operator details like access point press “Menu” and press save. Then enjoy with your Toshiba AT200.

With a 3G/ 4G hotspot wireless router

3G/ 4G hotspot wireless router combined wireless router and mobile power bank 2 in 1, it will be more easy for you to access the internet to Toshiba AT200 with it, you can just insert your ZTE MF820 LTE Modem, then you can use it just like a 4g lte modem, The 4g lte modem can be installed quickly and easily almost anywhere. No software installation required. Supports Windows®2000, XP, Vista, Linux 2.4 /2.6. This ZTE MF820 LTE Modem is great for situations where an impromptu wireless network must be set up, or wherever conventional network access is available. It can be installed on buses, trains, or boats, allowing passengers to check e-mail or chat online while commuting.

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