Android leads on mobile ad network

Android is always growing to be the premier mobile OS on Millennial Media, based on the ad network’s October Mobile Mix report.

Google’s mobile platform has got 56% of all ad impressions on the mesh last month, double iOS’s 28% share, numbers that contain both smartphones and tablets together. Android has become the leading mobile OS on Millennial Media’s network for nearly a year now.

Though it lost the smartphone OS crest to Android, Apple is still at the top in the mobile device makers. Apple devices entirely won 23.5% of all add impressions last month, giving the company the lead among the front 15 manufacturers. The iPhone itself was the most welcomed device on the front 20 list of mobile phone with a 12.5% share.

Besides RIM’s BlackBerry OS, HTC, Samsung, Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei furthermore proceeded to prove its progress and popularity, occupying the #7 place on the list of the top 15 manufacturers. The Ascend and the Ideo two phones have already entered into the top 20 list of mobile phones. On the list for three months in a row, the Ideo has moved up three places since August.

In general, Android devices took up 14 of the top 20 mobile phones last month, which has got 24% share together of all add impressions.

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