ZTE Launches Driver-Free Dongle with 42MBps Extreme Download Speed

ZTE launched a new next-generation 42M data card (dongle), the MF680.The network-agnostic dongle is an update of ZTE’s first global driver-free dongle.

The MF680 is capable of an incredibly fast download speed of 42MBps and can establish an internet connection within 15 seconds, providing users with fast and simple mobile broadband access.

The device is attached via a USB port and does not require the installation of any hardware or software. It can be used with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OS. Because of this, the dongle prevents compatibility problems, significantly simplifies customization required by operators and increases efficiency, further reducing operating costs and enhancing online service capabilities.

The MF680 also utilizes continuous packet connectivity (CPC) technology, which enhances network efficiency and helps avoid network congestion. The increase in network capacity made possible by CPC can double both the number of online users and the network’s VOIP user capacity.

With the MF680’s Web UI (user interface), users can manage the device and online services such as messaging and contact lists. Operators can customise the UI to enable online upgrades and promotions.

This MF680 data card from ZTE provides extreme speed for heavy data users, further advancing the global development of the mobile broadband market.

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