Huawei IDEOS is now the most popular smartphone in Kenya

The Huawei IDEOS (T-Mobile Comet here in the U.S.), is actually the most favorite smartphone in Kenya, outselling all of its competitors in Q1 2011. The device was released around Christmas of last year and sales have only been getting better since.

Huawei CEO Herman He said that the corporation is close to up to standard of 100,000 mobile phones traded in Kenya and that their present market share seems very good at 45%.

Huawei was strategic with the IDEOS launch as they partnered with Safaricom, Kenya’s premier mobile network. The integration of the carrier advocating and the Android stage have produced the phenomenal success.

He repeated Huawei’s aim of supplying low-cost, inexpensive mobile phones for a plethora of markets. One of Google’s beginning goals for Android was to reduce costs in order that smartphone adoption could permeate to all grades of society. Huawei’s achievement in Kenya is just one example of this aim approaching to fruition.

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