ZTE MF30 Mobile hotspot FAQ

1: When use MF30 wireless router, how to log management system settings?
A: Please set your computer address acquisition modes to “automatic obtain IP address”

When the computer access to the IP address (eg, type “ “ in the browser, enter your user name and password. The default user name and password are admin.

2: Which operating systems does MF30 support, when use it as wireless router?
A: Support for multiple operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Vista (64 bit or 32-bit), Windows XP (SP2), etc.

3: How to install the MF30 driver?
A: The connection to the computer (only Modem mode)
a. Use the USB data cable that supplied in packaging to connect MF30 with computer.b. Open the device, the system will automatically recognize the new hardware and display the corresponding icon in the system tray. Wait a few seconds the system will automatically begin install the software. If the system does not support automatic installation, run the Install.exe  which is in the ZTE MODEM installation CD.

4: How many modes does MF30 have?
A: MF30 has two modes.
Wireless Router Mode: The device turned on, the wireless router model work.Modem mode: use the USB data cable to connect MF30 and computer, and open the device, modem mode work.

5:  When use MF30 as wireless router if there are some requirements for the browsers?
A: The recommended browsers listed below: IE 7.0 or above. Firefox 3.0 or above. Safari 4.0 or above.  Chrome 5.0 or above. Opera 10.0 or above.

6.How much memory card does MF30 maximum support?
A: 32GB external microSD memory card.

7: How to restore factory settings for MF30?
A: Press and hold the power key and the WPS button until the light goes out, the device will automatically reboot and restore factory settings.

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