News-Huawei’s Terminal Global Shipments Amounted to 120 Million Units in 2010

In the recently new year message that Huawei Terminal sent to its employees shows that Huawei Terminal shipped worldwide amounted to 120 million units in 2010, compared with 2009 growth of 33% or so. Global sales revenue exceeded 4.5 billion, unit shipments grew more than 30%. In 2010, Huawei’s terminal as shipments exceeded 1 million mark the only terminal manufacturers in China, its sales revenue in China has become the first communication terminal manufacturers.
Four business are growing rapidly
Huawei’s terminal business consists of four parts, mobile phones, mobile broadband, convergence terminals, video terminals.
Among them, Huawei in smartphone aspects,, Huawei cell phone shipments more than 3,000 million, mobile revenues up more than 54%.
In the mobile broadband products, Huawei has been ordered more than 60 million annual units, of which, the data card is Huawei’s traditional advantages of products, wireless modem products, Huawei Wireless Mobile Wifi (E583C) from Barcelona, Spain, 2009 “World Mobile Communications Conference” has been unveiled have been sold in over 300 million worldwide, creating a single converged device volumes for the most money.
In 2010, the amount of orders of Huawei’s convergence terminal grew more than 50%; in the converged device market continues to maintain the first in global share.
In terms of video terminals, Huawei the order quantity of “true wisdom” , revenue, profit growth are all exceeding more than 50%.

Rapid growth in overseas markets

It is reported that 75% of Huawei’s terminal revenue is from overseas, 25% came from China.

In 2010, Huawei terminal has became a key communications terminal provider in Europe, North America, Japan, India, Russia on the market. 2010, in the United States, Japan, Russia, Central Asia and other regions, Huawei terminal shipments grew more than 100%.
Meanwhile, Huawei terminal products are fully integrated breakthrough British Telecom (BT), Deutsche Telekom (DT), the U.S. Verizon, British Virgin Media and other high-end market.

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