Two Ways to Charge Huawei E583C Battery

Dear all Huawei E583C users, do you know how to charge your Huawei E583C, or know how to keep it safe? Here we tell two simple ways to charge your Huawei E583C Battery HB7A1H.

Note: If you have not used the battery for a long time, it must be charged first. And if you don’t use your router, you should best to take the battery off from the device.

Method 1: Using the charger


Use only chargers (5V, 1A) compatible with the E583C. Only use chargers provided by the designated manufacturers. Use of an incompatible charger, or one from another manufacturer, may cause the E583C to malfunction, fail, or even cause a fire. Such use voids all warranties, whether expressed or implied, on the product. Charger is an optional accessory. If the charger is not provided in the package, you can contact your local dealer to buy one yourself.

Method 2: Connecting to a PC for charging. Connect the E583C to a PC using a compatible data


Another: If you want to buy a new battery for your device, you can also find this Huawei E583C Battery HB7A1H from our online store.

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