The Differences Between WiFi and 3G

3G mobile communication network is the upgrade version of 2G, belongs to the mobile communication network. While WiFi is a wireless network, the most common is if your phone or notebook  support wireless function, they can search the nearby wireless network, and connect to Internet, this is WiFi. Now many families are using ADSL, and configure the wireless router, this can let us realize more computers access wireless Internet at home. This is the snazzy WiFi.

Why 3G is coming, so many people do confuse the two concepts? The biggest reason is, 3G network can achieve a high-speed wireless Internet access. After we purchase the 3G network card, insert the card, we can directly access the internet. But this time we through the 3G mobile networks access the internet, not WiFi.

Compare 3G and WiFi, WIFI can achieve more than 50M transmission speed, the disadvantage is its support-distance limited, such as your home wireless router can only be used at home. The 3G currently can achieve the national roaming Internet access, but the speed is limited, after upgrade 3G, its speed can up to 1M or so, the actual speeds is more than 300k. Now on the market, there are many products have the 3G & WiFi features, Huawei E583C is a such cool 3G WiFi router.

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